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AstroTalk can help in determining:

  • What would be the best suited career for you.
  • When you would start working/ get into your dream company.
  • Whether you should switch from service to business.
  • When you are likely to rise up the corporate ladder.
  • When things would improve at work.
  • What are the chances of a shift in your field/ location/ industry.

AstroTalk can help in determining:

  • How the spouse is likely to be/ whether the prospective partner is suitable for you.
  • Whether your financial condition would improve after marriage.
  • Whether you would get married to the one you are in love with.
  • If there is a possibility of separation or divorce.
  • What you can do to enhance the happiness quotient in your marriage.
  • When you would be blessed with children.
  • Whether you would get married to someone outside your community/ country.

AstroTalk can help in determining:

  • When you would find your true love/ soul mate.
  • Whether your partner harbors the same feelings for you.
  • When your relationships with your relatives/ family members would improve.
  • If you would get married to the love of your life.
  • What are the chances that the relationship would continue after a rocky patch.
  • How long it would take to get over a break-up.

AstroTalk can help in determining:

  • When and how your financial problems would be over.
  • When you would be free of debt.
  • Which areas of investment would be the most profitable for you.
  • How you can increase your earnings and reduce your expenses.
  • Your chances of creating wealth abroad and through inheritance.
  • Important Dhan Yogas and their importance in your chart.

AstroTalk can help in determining:

  • Which field of education would be most suitable for you.
  • How you can improve your concentration power and develop interest in studies.
  • Whether you would get admission in reputed institute of your choice.
  • What are your chances of cracking the competitive exam.
  • What are your chances of higher education abroad/ research field
  • Whether you should pursue your hobbies like music/ dance/ sports/ theatre

Astrological consultation from your home at a time consultant to you

Find a quiet space and get comfortable. Now you can get the help you need, face to face, without leaving the comfort of your home


Professional astrologers you can trust

We have a panel of experienced and verified Astrologers. The session is conducted in a very professional way. All your information is kept confidential.


Meet the astrologer online via video call

Astrologers study your birth chart before the call and answer all your queries on video call. Astrologers are very friendly and considerate towards your issues.


Affordable rates and easy payments

Make payment essily, via our app. Our secure payment system guarantees safe and easy payments. Use coupon code for attractive discounts.

How it works

  • Know your problem
  • Know your problem

  • Select your problem area from our list and you will be presented with the best astrologers to answer your queries using their predictions.

  • Choose your slot
  • Choose your slot

  • Browse through the available slots of astrologers and choose the one that is not convenient for you.

  • Book & Pay
  • Book & Pay

  • You can easily book a session by using the payment gateway. Use coupon code for attractive discounts .

  • Start your video call
  • Start your video call

  • You’ll receive a link to your secure online counselling session. Here, you can talk to your astrologer face-to-face via a video call.

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Appointment Booking

Appointment Booking

Just choose a date to book your appointment.

Professional Astrologer

We've got fantastic astrologers with experience across all areas of astrology.

Professional Astrologer
Audio-Video Consultation

Audio-Video Consultation

We'll send you a notification at the time of your secure online counselling session. Just have your questions ready.

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You can have the idea about the service from the verified users.

Session's Rating and Review


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